Talk to Expats Portugal in person...

"We want to help you move, settle in & enjoy Portugal"

Features & Benefits:

- 1 hour private online consultation with a member of our team

- Ask your questions about moving to or living in Portugal

- Get introduced to the right professionals for your requirements

- Receive a follow-up report confirming actions and key points of meeting

- Contact our team member for further advice or guidance at any stage

We have been in the business of helping people to move and settle in Portugal since 2005.

Our multinational team are all expats from professional backgrounds and are now resident in Portugal.

We have learned from our experiences (good and bad) and every day, we assist our members to move and settle here. We know how stressful and somewhat complicated the moving and settling process can be and we are here to guide and help you.

You can schedule a 1-hour  online consultation with a member of our team to cover everything you need to know including:

- Visa process and financial requirements

- Buying or renting a property

- Areas to live

- Medical care

- Removals and pet transportation

- Insurance

- Legal

- Securing a mortgage

- Taxation

- Wealth management

- Car ownership

- Education

- Lifestyle

- Your specific questions and lots more

“Money well spent” 


The consult with Gerry was beyond our expectations. He was kind, thoughtful, and took his time to answer our questions and give suggestions. I started to get a little anxious as we got closer to the hour mark but he did not mention it a single time and in fact, our meeting went well over the hour allocated. This is not something that we often experience in the U.S. Folks usually cut the meetings short so they can get to their next client on the hour.

This saved us tons of time and gave us insight to make an informed decision, we are so grateful!

“Truly committed to helping others”


I met with Jacqui to get recommendation about D7 visa and NHR. she was extremely helpful. Her energy and level of care is second to none, she is truly committed to helping others. I couldn’t be happier with our session and she followed up with dozen emails in minutes after our meeting. Thank you Jacqui for answering all my questions and for all your referrals and thank you Expats Portugal for facilitating our meeting.