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NEW! Facial Portuguese with Marcus...

We are indebted to the great linguistic and improvisational skills of Marcus who is behind this sensational new approach to communicating in Portuguese and boosting your social status in Portugal.

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to contort one's face appropriately and with sincerity as each new linguistically-lacking situation presents itself.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Marcus nor Good Morning Portugal! can be held responsible for any new friendships that might occur from implementing this sensational new method currently sweeping Central Portugal. Neither can we be held responsible for any bags of fruit that might be left by your back door (not a euphemism) as a result of using 'facial Portuguese'.

Send your 'Faces' selfies to (00 351) 913 590 303

Chuva Face

This is where it all started! And nothing endears you more to new Portuguese acquaintances than a knowing look about the weather.

Esta Complicado Face

Best used enigmatically and as a final contribution to a conversational encounter

Pois, Pois Face

Highly useful in most Portuguese situations, whether it be national politics or the price of Bacalhau.

Muito cedo Face

Bold for sure, yet gently assertive for creating a healthy boundary with just a single eyebrow. 

Claro Face

A confident move, which will endear but could also create unnecessarily strong attachment to opinions.

Oh nossa senhora Face

When all else fails look to the sky and open the palms towards the heavens for extra emphasis.

To cheiu não quero sobremesa

Best made with hand over your belly, this facial gesture will show appreciation without causing offence.

A sério? Face

A more advanced and assertive gesture, take care to fact check before use.

DE VAGAR!!!! Face

The just because I said 'boa tarde' with a correct accent doesn’t mean I really speak Portuguese face.

"I did it in Portuguese' - The Great Warren Shalm