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News Week 19th February, 2024...

New centre to support migrants

This initiative comes after the “need to respond to the increase in the number of migrants who are living and/or working in the parishes closest to the headquarters of the municipality”, which rose from 278 to 607 between 2011 and 2021, according to CENSUS 2021 provisional results. Most migrants coming to the region are from countries which are not part of the European Union. 

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Join the Business Owners in Portugal WhatsApp group - here - and let's make a difference AND make it different! 

Business owner in Portugal?

Do you run, or are you thinking of starting a business in Portugal?


Only kidding!!

Kind of.

It's not easy having a business here, but it's still the best way to create independence and freedom, so SO worth it, if you can keep your head above water, and eventually thrive.

It's also a great way to contribute to the culture we love and that has welcomed us so warmly.

As I've said before, this is a great place to live, but a terrible place to run a business! (See - https://www.portugalresident.com/portugal-great-place-to... )

News like this - https://www.portugalresident.com/crackdown-on-false-self... - confirms PT's anti-enterprise culture. The crackdown on pseudo-self-employed workers is understandable, but the proposed alternative and current structure kills businesses and discourages entrepreneurs.

This all needs to change for Portugal to boom, healthily and dynamically.

However, let's not just hope for change, let's BE the change.

Let's help each other to grow, make loads of money, pay loads of tax AND eventually lobby for better treatment...

"Where are people coming to Portugal from?"

"Taking into account the volume of passengers disembarked and boarded on international flights between January and November 2023, the United Kingdom was the main country of origin and destination for flights."

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Thursday 22nd February at 7:30PM

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NEW legislation for residence permits?

Ei! will be sharing the latest information as well as their insider knowledge in the field. With their finger firmly on the pulse of Portugal's immigration processes and laws, Ei! has been invaluable in answering your questions and keeping our community updated. We're delighted to welcome them back to bring you the latest information on Portugal's (D8) Digital Nomad & D7 Visas, including new legislation for residence permits

Portugal's D7 and D8 visa programs offer residency with the possibility of citizenship, encompassing those with passive income, retirees, digital nomads, freelancers, and remote workers.

Discover the newest regulations, requirements, and opportunities available for those seeking to live, work, and enjoy one of Europe's most desirable destinations. 

Property Networking Event


Date for your diary: Property Networking Event in Sao Martinho Do Porto, Silver Coast with Steven Whyte - May 29th, 2024.

"The elections in Portugal – What you need to know"

More than 10.8 million voters residing in the country and abroad will be called to vote and choose the party they believe should form the next Government, or which they think best represents them, electing the 230 seats of deputies in the Assembly of the Republic for the next legislature. 

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"Rent increase hits 30-year record"

Jorge Branco's latest news, via his substack, is out now, including "even a 55% jump in the number of houses advertised for rent hasn’t been enough to stop the biggest increase to rents in 30 years".

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Water palaver in the Algarve!

Government admits drought may demand more serious measures in Algarve

Portugal’s government has admitted that it may need to declare a State of Calamity in the Algarve if the region’s drought situation does not improve by June.

In a resolution published in the state gazette Diário da República on Tuesday, the government recognised it may need to implement “additional, more serious measures” to guarantee the minimum reserves needed to supply water for priority uses in the Algarve should the current reserves prove insufficient.

According to the cabinet resolution, the possible additional measures, which provide for a “higher degree of contingency”, may be implemented after a reassessment of the drought situation in the region, which will take place in June.

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News Week 12th February, 2024...

"The Best Cities In Portugal Could Be Described As ‘Heaven On Earth’"?

An oldie but goodie, with ten brief profiles on Portuguese places of interest.


The Óbidos Chocolate International Festival will take place in the town between the 1st and 17th of March. 

"The American Boom"?

Here’s the deal if you’re reading this via the internet back in the U.S. of A. – you’ve already missed the sweet spot. Prices are going up everywhere you turn. Lisbon airport is already too small. Pretty soon, if not already, the locals will begin to resent the newcomers who speak a bit louder, are more demanding and less patient, while flashing credit cards that reflect a different economic standard. Residents, the very people who read the leading English-language newspaper in the Algarve, have already noticed. 

"Lisbon crowned as the New Tech Capital"

"Dawn of a new era," cites Steffan Black, a leading tech expert from ZenShield, as he expresses his admiration for the phenomenal growth of Lisbon as a global destination for tech development. 

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Farmers mobilise in Caldas, Silver Coast

"Plan for teaching Portuguese to foreigners"

The first strategic plan for teaching Portuguese to foreigners goes into public consultation from Friday, with new models of training and recognition of skills. 

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Over to Mrs M for a moment: "You worked REALLY hard to create your community, and were unafraid to start over, when it didn't feel right. You tirelessly think of ways to help people feel connected. Am so proud of you. Who would have thought, those first shows recorded from Aroeira in 2018, would lead you here xxx"

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News Week 5th February, 2024...

"Portugal elections: parties’ programmes being presented thick and fast"

Excellent round-up of key policies of Portuguese political parties, ahead of the March 2024 election, by Natasha Donn in the Portugal Resident.

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'Far-Right' on rise in Portugal?

According to one of our Portugal Club members: "This would explain why Chega is growing in relative popularity. I know I've seen some Chega billboards around Lisbon that say, 'Portugal needs a cleaning'". 

When Carl interviewed a Chega guy.

Expatra: "20 Best Countries To Retire In The World 2024"

"It’s a safe country with good infrastructure, good quality healthcare, and everything you need for a happy, comfortable, and affordable retirement in the sun. "

Thanks to Tony Barbosa for the heads up on this Expatra survey

Ultimate retreat for women in Portugal!

Who knew you could refuel "Re-Fuel Your Inner Badass" in Portugal!

Announcing a 6-Week transformational program culminating with a 5-Day Retreat on the Algarve coast of Portugal...

"A retreat with a mission to recharge & renew women’s wisdom, wellbeing & wholeness.

Self-lead with cconfidence, Creativity, and the wisdom of head, heart, and gut. 

Transform life, relationships, and career.

Evolve into your next-level, authentic, empowered self To fully live..."

More details

"We'd just rather be experiencing it here in Portugal"

"More doubts than certainty at SEF replacement agency"

Geographer Jorge Malheiros, a migration specialist, has stated that the expectations for the Agency for Integration, Migrations and Asylum (AIMA) are still to be fulfilled following the end of SEF.

“I can't say that things didn't work at all, but in relation to expectations, these first hundred days can't make me overcome the doubts I had” following the procedure that led to the creation of AIMA, said the researcher. 

"Cheapest places to buy a house in Portugal revealed"

There are 254 municipalities with house prices lower than the country's median.

Special livestream: Election fever, the farmers & the police

Should we rename 2024: 20-20-furore?

Not unlike many other European countries, it seems, Portugal is experiencing a tension between the limitations of political ideology and the real lives of ordinary people.

Election campaigning begins in earnest today with TV debates, the country's farmers have mobilised to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with domestic and EU treatment, and two of Portugal's three police forces have taken action with disturbing results for society.

Let's look at a few of the news articles relating to this growing unease and discuss solutions both personal and societal...

Message the livestream, or call in, on (00 351) 913 590 303 

News Week 29th January, 2024...

Like Portugal stats?

Lots of Portugal info' in this latest Portugal Resident article from Carl Munson - Portugal: the future and how to get there. 

Portugal’s very own Gulbenkian foundation, created in 1956 from the legacy of the oil magnate from which it takes its name, and “aims to improve people’s lives through art, charity, science and education”, predicts that “this decade is expected to be turbulent. We will not be able to count on the same growth factors or follow the public policy guidelines that, so far, have failed to take Portugal out of a long period of near stagnation.”

“This decade is also expected to be a transition period,” it suggests, “marked by the shock between the past and the future. On one hand, we will experience limitations to the growth of existing solutions and activities. On the other hand, we will pass through difficulties arising from a new wave of growth, based on a new technical-economic system and new geo-economics and geopolitics that should only stabilise by 2050.”

Go go, Alentejo! (GMP! Wine Club celebrates the region)

The GMP! Wine club, that has tasted over 60 wines since we started in 2020.

On Monday 5th February, we are urging you to purchase a bottle of wine from the Alentejo region, and taste it with us online (-: You most likely won't regret it!

Please join us with whatever you have for fun, facts and friendship...

"Common Mistakes when Moving to Portugal"

Planning a move to Portugal? Join Ana for key insights and tips to ensure a smooth relocation.

Whether you're an expat or considering a move to Portugal, this video aims to clarify misconceptions and mistakes often made during the process, providing you with essential information to navigate the transition seamlessly. In this video she'll go over topics like:

"Whether you're a seasoned property enthusiast or just starting to dip your toes into the Portuguese real estate waters, our video is your key to making confident decisions for your future home!"

Download the Portugal Relocation Workbook

"ANA Airports makes statement about new Lisbon airport"

"Environmental Impact Declaration (DIA) of Montijo Airport" not renewed.

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Portugal farmer protest?

Supply chain alert: Portuguese lorries stranded across France due to farmers’ blockades

"An undisclosed number of Portuguese lorries have been stranded across France for a week due to the French farmers’ blockades, the spokesman for the National Association of Public Road Hauliers (ANTRAM) has told Lusa.

“We can’t quantify it, but there are many Portuguese lorry drivers stranded due to the farmers’ blockade in France. 

“At the moment the situation is very worrying, not just because it’s been going on for several days, but because there’s no visibility as to when it might end,” said André Matias de Almeida."

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New 'Love São Martinho Do Porto' website resource

From the makers of 'Love Portugal', comes a new local website resource for Portugal's Silver Coast...

"Welcome, bem-vindo, to the celebration of my home-town and happy place, where I am delighted to share with you the many marvellous features and attractions of this beautiful, Portuguese Silver Coast town.

Here, you'll find my ongoing blog about local life, as well as sections showcasing community & networking, real estate, food, drink and accommodation. So please have fun finding out more about visiting or moving to SMdP and do let me know if you need help here or if something is missing."

See  for yourself at www.lovesmdp.com

News Week 22nd January, 2024...

"The best (and worst) airlines in Portugal for punctuality"

"TAP and easyJet were the airlines operating in Portugal that had the worst performance in terms of punctuality last year, according to AirHelp, which also adds Lisbon Airport as another of the worst examples at national level in terms of flight punctuality. "

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Exciting Silver Coast community news!

Delighted to hear that Simon Gotto's heroic work over at Rex Bar in Obidos will now be taken forward by Communities Unite 🤩

More about Communities Unite

New at The Portugal Club: 'Antonio F's Portugal crime report'

"Because there is crime in Portugal (it's not a paradise...), I'll place some occasional news about the subject here. "

The Portugal Club?

The Portugal Club has had a bit of a re-brand to bring the 'GMP!VIP' and 'Learn about Portugal' concepts together in one place - an "exclusive platform with WHAT you need to know and WHO you need to know for a GREAT life in Portugal."

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"5 Places to Find Affordable Long-Term Rentals in the Algarve"

“Long-term rentals in the Algarve can prove tricky to find!!!”…

There’s something of an art to finding long-term rentals in the Algarve. This post suggests some good places to begin your search, with thanks to our 'Man in The Minho' Antonio Barbosa.

2024 Real Estate Update: Licensing Changes in Portugal

"Explore the latest developments in Portugal's real estate landscape with Savvy Cat Ana's new YouTube video! 

Join Ana as she delves into the implications of Simplex 2024 and new habitation regulations." 

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"Fireball seen over Portugal"

Reports of a fireball over the skies of the Elvas region were shared at around 8pm on Sunday, 21 January. 


Home Prices Increased by 11.8% in 2023 

António Barbosa: "Last year, home sales prices in mainland Portugal rose 11.8%. In this context, the price rise in 2023 is lower than that recorded in 2022, which was 18.7%. This is the data collected by Confidencial Imobiliário, within the scope of the Residential Price Index.

Ricardo Guimarães, Director of Confidencial Imobiliário, states that 'There is a softening in the price rise that was already expected, and the market is coming from a cycle of strong valuations even in the cheapest geographies, so, naturally, there is less scope for sharp growth'."


News Week 15th January, 2024...

A new business in the sun?

As seen in São Martinho Do Porto, last Summer and now for sale!

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"Portugal registers highest level of excess deaths in Europe"

"2,800 more deaths than normal in just four weeks

Portugal is no longer just one of the European countries registering higher than normal levels of mortality, it is the country registering the most elevated rate of deaths since at least the last week of December."

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"In November 2023, the tourist accommodation sector registered 1.9 million guests (+9.2%) and 4.6 million overnight stays (+7.5%), generating 329.4 million euros in total revenue (+13.3%) and 243.5 million euros in income from accommodation (+13.2%)."

"Tourist activity has maintained its growth trajectory but was showing signs of slowing down in November 2023, according to data released by INE."


"...insights into the preferences of potential property buyers in the Algarve region"

The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK, in collaboration with Algarve property developer DDM, has unveiled the results of their annual 'Algarve Property Survey'...

"The survey - completed in the autumn/winter of 2023 -sheds light on the top priorities of the UK buyers who are seeking property in the region.

Some key findings highlight that over 92% of respondents strongly agreed or agreed that outdoor spaces, including gardens, swimming pools, and terraces, are paramount when purchasing a property.

More than 67% strongly preferred detached homes, emphasising the desire to escape the disturbance of neighbours."

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"Algarve drought so bad farmers fear the end"

The Algarve is facing its worst ever drought, with dams at just 25%, prompting a likely tightening of water restrictions and warnings from some sectors, Diário de Notícias reports

Farmers and golf course owners say they’re already parched and can’t take any more reductions. The Confederation of Portuguese Farmers say the sector, which consumes about 60% of the region’s water, is heading for...

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New 'Love São Martinho Do Porto' website resource

From the makers of 'Love Portugal', comes a new local website resource for Portugal's Silver Coast...

"Welcome, bem-vindo, to the celebration of my home-town and happy place, where I am delighted to share with you the many marvellous features and attractions of this beautiful, Portuguese Silver Coast town.

Here, you'll find my ongoing blog about local life, as well as sections showcasing community & networking, real estate, food, drink and accommodation. So please have fun finding out more about visiting or moving to SMdP and do let me know if you need help here or if something is missing."

See  for yourself at www.lovesmdp.com

European Court of Justice Rules - Repairs in Private Homes May Incur 5% VAT (IVA) 

The IVA rate of 5% may be applied to housing repair and renovation works as long as the homes are actually used as housing, the European Court of Justice ruled this past Thursday.

According to the Court, only final consumers who actually reside in the property subject to the works and who do not have the right to deduct input IVA can benefit from a reduced IVA rate on repair or renovation services. This allows you to...

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GMP! & #PT24 (Our mission for the year ahead)

As we enter a new year of daily broadcasting and serving the Good Morning Portugall! community, it's a good opportunity for us to review and simplify our intentions for the next 12 months.

From our beginnings as an English language emergency information service during Portugal's Covid crisis, we have grown and evolved into a daily focal point for people who have a passion for Portugal whether living here, visiting or considering it as a home.

We remain funded by professional consultancy fees, crowd-funded support & subscriptions 🥰, sponsorship and affiliate relationships -  a model that has helped us maintain independence and build resilience, allowing us to focus on our key aims:

2023 was a great year, where we also continued to host meetups, launched our discovery weekends and decided to become a Portuguese company ... AND of course inspired, supported and encouraged countless people to take a look at and enjoy the life we love here.

GMP! Co-hosts look ahead to 2024

"2024 is going to be a good year for Portugal" - Bruce Hawker, Open Media & Portugal Resident

"I hope that the political situation stabilizes" - Bobby O'Reilly

"Portugal is still a very interesting place" - Savvy Cat Ana 

"Portugal is for liberty, for socialism, for everybody, for community" - Antonio Barbosa

News Week 8th January, 2024...

Capital partners sought...

We have a great admiration for Steven White of Home Miners, who's currently looking for investment partners.

If interested, talk with Steven. 

AND do your due diligence!

A NEW way to support Good Morning Portugal!

Our podcast platform Spreaker have just allowed us to join the beta version of their new podcast 'Supporters Club' where listeners can now pay a monthly subscription to access exclusive content.

I look forward to uploading new exclusive content (and maybe some old, classic episodes) and making them available for Supporters only 😘

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"The Positive Impact that Immigration Has in Portugal"

From Antonio Barbosa on our GMP!VIP Platform: Based on recent data, there has been a notable rise in the immigrant population in Portugal, showcasing both the influx of immigrant individuals and their significant contribution to Portuguese Social Security. 

In 2023, the Observatory for Migrations reported 977,611 immigrants in Portugal who contributed 1,861 million euros to social security while receiving 257 thousand euros in social support, resulting in a positive balance of 1,604 million euros.


Finding lasting happiness in Portugal with Brinn Tomes

The research was conducted by the Canadian immigration agency CanadaCIS.

Portugal ranks among the easiest European countries to become a citizen

New research has revealed the hardest and easiest countries to gain citizenship, with Portugal being the fourth easiest in Europe.

The research by Canadian immigration agency CanadaCIS studied the latest Eurostat immigration data from 2009 to 2021 to see which countries have the highest and lowest percentages of non-EU residents becoming citizens.

The ten easiest countries to become a national are less clustered than the hardest countries, with four in Northern and Western Europe and one each in Southern and Southeast Europe. At least one in 20 (5%) non-EU residents become citizens yearly in each country.

Sweden is the easiest, with almost one in ten (9.3%) non-EU residents acquiring citizenship, over double the EU average. Sweden has the highest acceptance rates for both men and women compared to other countries. Women have an advantage with a 10.02% acceptance rate compared to 8.66% for men. 

Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Iceland are the second-to-fifth easiest countries to become citizens of, with acquisition rates above one in 25 (4%). 

Most Northern European countries were the easiest to become nationals of, with Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland having among the highest citizenship rates. Denmark is the only Northern country not included. 

In Southern Europe, Portugal was the easiest; the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom were the easiest Western states to become members of. The United Kingdom ranks eighth, with around three out of 50 (3.2%) residents granted citizenship.

Poland and Croatia are the easiest countries to change nationality in Central Europe, with rates of 4% and 3.9%, respectively. 

North and West Europe are the easiest regions to change nationality, with a 5.9% acceptance rate compared to 1.9% in Central Europe and 3.6% in the South.

The analysis revealed that the top nine most difficult countries to become nationals of are in Central Europe.

Estonia ranks as the hardest country for non-EU residents to become citizens of. It has the lowest average percentage of residents who gain citizenship, at around one in 200 (0.6%). Men are less likely to be accepted, with a lower acquisition rate of 0.58% compared to 0.69% for women. 

Latvia, Czechia, and Lithuania are the next three hardest countries to become citizens of, with less than 1% of its non-EU residents gaining citizenship, compared to the European average of 3.56%. 

The nations ranked fifth through ninth - Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Germany - grant less than one in fifty (2%) non-EU residents citizenship.

 Denmark is the hardest country outside Central Europe to get citizenship, with a 2% acquisition rate.

 Over the last ten years, six in ten of the hardest countries granted a higher percentage of residents citizenship year-on-year, with Denmark’s rate increasing the fastest. Germany’s rate remained stable. Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovenia declined. 

Bryan Brooks, Immigration Expert from CanadaCIS, commented: “As well as having some of the strongest passports, Europe has among the highest quality of life indicators, including high career prospects, living conditions, and healthcare.

Analysis reveals Central Europe is the most challenging region to get citizenship, with Northern and Western Europe the easiest. 

In nearly nine in ten countries, the naturalization rate was higher for women. It could be that women are more eligible, likely to emigrate, or commonly carry the required skills to fill shortages.”

The Portugeeza (and George Reis) on top form...

George Reis' full letter

Agostinho Da Silva:  "Loving others and wanting their good has been the reason of much oppression and much death; essentially, you must not love in others anything but freedom, theirs and yours. They must, for love, cease being slaves, as must we, for love, cease being slave owners."

"Man was not born to work, but to create."

"Não me interessa ser original: interessa-me ser verdadeiro."

Listen to the 'Alpaca Lady'

It was great to catch up with Lisa this morning and hear her story, and hopes for the regeneration of rural life in Portugal.

Book with Lisa here

Or call - 00 351 926 179 255

Flu surge puts pressure on hospitals // Why olive oil is suddenly so expensive

News Week 1st January, 2024...

Introducing the world of Quinta dos Vales wines...

Quinta dos Vales is a superb wine estate situated in the heart of the Western Algarve.

From very humble beginnings this 44 hectare estate is now considered one of the best wineries in the Algarve with recognition from international organizations and visitors coming from far and wide.

This boutique wine estate is a place full of surprises. There is plenty in store for those who wish to delve into the world of winemaking or simply enjoy a nice day out exploring the history and natural beauty of the grounds.

Check out their very educational website!

President's high hopes for '24

“The Portuguese will choose in 2024 which paths they want to take and with what political support. In other words, they will say which architecture they want to build in order to maintain, to underpin the fundamental guarantee of an approved State Budget, of a stabilised economic and social situation,” said Marcelo.

The president pointed out that in 2024 there will also be the European Parliament elections  and the US presidential elections and predicted that “it will be a remarkable year in many ways, not least because in the global world the challenges of some are to a large extent the challenges of all.”

"New Iberian wolf and lynx project"

A cross-border project, to be developed over five years, in the districts of Castelo Branco, Guarda and the province of Cáceres, in Spain, aims to create conditions for the recovery of the Iberian wolf and lynx in this area .  

Portugal: "Safe, sociable & sane" for the future?

In this special presentation, Carl Munson promotes Portugal as a safe, sociable and sane place to live, despite impending and radical global changes. He articulates why he believes Portugal's prospects are good, and suggests how to become involved in society here to maintain this relatively excellent way of life for the future...

Population boom or bust?

"Baby Boomers are the largest generation in Portugal. Is that because all the younger generations leave for better paying jobs?" - Expats in Portugal Facebook Group. See also....

"After holding the number one position in 2023, Portugal now stands at number 2 as 'Best Place to Retire in 2024', behind Costa Rica"

Antonio Barbosa: The Annual Global Retirement Index report is a list compiled yearly by International Living, and it is based upon the following categories: Housing; Cost of Living; Visa / Benefits; Affinity Rating; Climate; Development and Healthcare.

Will 2024 be the year you discover Portugal and immerse in the culture and sampling its gastronomic and wine culture, as well as learning about it’s real estate opportunities, and selling real estate in Portugal?


Full All-Inclusive 8 Day Itinerary exploring Porto / The Northern Minho Region and Galícia in Spain from May 30th through June 6th… (Full details of itinerary in late January / early February).

View highlights of our last event

News Week 25th December, 2023...

GMP! & #PT24 (Our mission for the year ahead)

As we enter a new year of daily broadcasting and serving the Good Morning Portugall! community, it's a good opportunity for us to review and simplify our intentions for the next 12 months.

From our beginnings as an English language emergency information service during Portugal's Covid crisis, we have grown and evolved into a daily focal point for people who have a passion for Portugal whether living here, visiting or considering it as a home.

We remain funded by professional consultancy fees, crowd-funded support & subscriptions 🥰, sponsorship and affiliate relationships -  a model that has helped us maintain independence and build resilience, allowing us to focus on our key aims:

2023 was a great year, where we also continued to host meetups, launched our discovery weekends and decided to become a Portuguese company ... AND of course inspired, supported and encouraged countless people to take a look at and enjoy the life we love here.


The Munson family witnessed the legendary São Martinho Do Porto New Year's Eve fireworks display last night. It was certainly impressive, but didnt engage the whole family as organisers may have hoped.

"I hate fireworks," said Solomon Munson, aged 5. "It was too much."

See for yourself a short burst on the attached YouTube video.

Congratulations NYE newlyweds - Heather and Kevin!

She may well be "boots on the ground" in Portugal, but it looks like Kevin Airola has swept our very own Heather Binder's feet off that same ground, now literally Just Married!

"Yay for technology and Utah Zoom weddings in Portugal," said Heather, announcing the lovely news on Facebook, dateline: 31st December, 2023.

"No one was invited except Kevin's mom and sister, so don't feel left out," she added, and social media friends can now see a clip of the giggly proceedings online. 

Parabens from the GMP! community, you two X

"Wine production up 10%"

The regions of Azores, Lisbon, Bairrada and Trás-os-Montes stand out, with increases of more than 20%.   

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"Portugal Rewards Bachelor’s & Master’s Graduates With Incentive Bonuses"


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"2024 price rises – what is going to be more expensive in Portugal?"

Despite a slowdown in inflation rates, prices are to rise in some key areas in Portugal in 2024, including bread, electricity, gas, rents, tolls, transport and telecommunications.

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Monocle podcast focuses on Portuguese wine

Festa and Bar Douro founder Max Graham talks about the diversity and dynamism of Portugal’s wine scene and why he is so passionate about introducing people to the food and drink of his country. Plus: we head to a winery in Alentejo that dates back to the 1700s to meet the young entrepreneurs using ancient techniques to make natural wine.  


GMP! co-host Tig honoured with MBE

Monthly GMP! correspondent and helper to post-Brexit Brits in Portugal - Tig James - has been awarded an MBE in the 2024 King’s New Year’s Honours list for her unfailing and sterling service to British foreigners. 

We send our congratulations to Tig and take this opportunity to thank her again for the wonderful work she does for Brits in Portugal struggling with the messy aftermath of the UK leaving the EU back in 2020, ensuring withdrawal rights are respected.

"Embracing Tranquility: The Joys of House and Pet Sitting on the Silver Coast in Portugal"

GMP!VIPs Wayne & Annette with some lovely footage and commentary here...

"House and pet sitting on the Silver Coast in Portugal offers a unique blend of relaxation, cultural immersion, and the joy of forming genuine connections. It's a chance to step off the beaten path, experience life as a local, and create lasting memories in a region where every sunset paints a masterpiece on the horizon. So, if you're ready to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary, the Silver Coast eagerly awaits your arrival, promising an unforgettable journey filled with the simple joys of house and pet sitting."

Portugal registers lowest number of bullfights ever in 2023

Historically low number of bullfights in Portugal

Portugal’s bullrings hosted 166 bullfights in 2023 – the lowest number ever registered in a single year apart from the pandemic years. The data has been revealed by Portugal’s Board of Cultural Activities (IGAC).

The number of bullfights in Portugal has been steadily decreasing since 2014, when the country hosted 221 bullfighting events.

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News Week 18th December, 2023...

Vote for your favourite Portuguese TREE

Click this link - https://portugal.treeoftheyear.eu/Trees - to vote for one of Portugal's top trees, to make it 'Tree of The Year 2024'! 

"There are more than 1.7 million Portuguese people without a family doctor"

Meanwhile: "One in 4 homes less than €150,000"

"One in every 4 homes on the market with real estate agency Remax cost less than €150,000.

Viseu is the district with the most houses below the 150,000 euro threshold, followed by Coimbra and Porto, with Faro occupying 10th place in the ranking."

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"Taking northern Portugal global"

"Turismo do Porto and Norte de Portugal want to be an 'organisation of international expression' following the approval of an activity plan worth €14 million for the next seven years."

“The new vision of Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal will be to insert itself as an organisation of international expression, which aims to promote the destination Porto and Norte de Portugal in an innovative and competitive way, contributing value to the region’s economy, following measures of sustainability and exceptional service to visitors”, reads a statement from TPNP. 

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"Portugal’s housing market 'overheated' due to strong demand, warns EU"

“The price of houses in Bulgaria, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal, and Slovenia are overvalued” – EU report

"This is according to the European Union, which has again warned Portugal over a overheated housing market, and says that the market is one of those in the European Union that faces a risk of a 'strong correction' at a time when significant interest rate increases have already put the real estate market in negative terrain in several countries.

The latest report published by Brussels warns of macroeconomic imbalances within the EU and says ..." READ ON

A New “Tax” for Local Accommodation (AL)

Recently, the government has implemented measures to limit the number of houses exclusively dedicated to short-term rentals, making more local lodging establishments available for residential purposes. These measures are included in the Mais Habitação package, and also in Law No. 56/2023 which was published on the 6th of October.

Owners of local accommodation establishments will have an extraordinary contribution to make, which operates like an extraordinary tax. This contribution applies to all local accommodation units with the appropriate licence and paperwork. However, there are some exceptions to this general measure for local accommodation establishments. The contribution is only applicable to apartments, and exceptions include:

1. Local accommodations located in territories in the interior of Portugal;

2. Local accommodations that are used as permanent accommodation. In this case, the proprietors must prove that the short-term accommodation does not exceed 120 days per year.

3. Residential houses that are not autonomous parts or fractions suitable for independent use.

Read more from Antonio Barbosa, Infinite Solutions, here

Far-fetched financial failure?

CNN Portugal: “Farfetch cannot close. There are hundreds of jobs, billions of purchases from national suppliers. A flag on Wall Street, in a strategic sector such as online luxury goods trading. Only fanatics of the Liberal Initiative would let it fail.

The Portuguese Economy Minister has already said that he is 'closely monitoring what is happening' at Farfetch, which 'was one of our great unicorns'. António Costa Silva maintains that companies have 'ups and downs', hoping that 'this situation can be stabilized and Farfetch can return to what it was before'."

Read more in ECO

"The strange estrangement of Spain and Portugal"

Financial Times: "The most innocuous bit of the email got me into trouble. I had tapped out my usual signature in a hurry without thinking. The Portuguese official’s reprimand was swift and stern. 'Please, don’t say ‘saludos’. It is a very Spanish word.' 

Indeed it is. It’s Spanish for 'regards' and my sign-off had hit a nerve, pulling me into the realm of Portugal-Spain psychodrama wrought by history, pride and the odd acerbic stereotype. 

Sweeping generalisations about adjacent countries can be futile, if not offensive, but the Iberian neighbours? They almost invite you to lump them together..."

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“Huge risk” of the far right in Portugal

"Augusto Santos Silva said that we are currently living in 'very difficult circumstances'.

The president of parliament also said that the origin of the current crisis 'is not political', and that the Government resigned 'not because it has lost the confidence of parliament, the institutional solidarity of the President or the support of the population or the party'."

In the comments: "The fear mongering that the 'Far Right' might take control of the country are ridiculous. If the 'Right' do take over, it's because the voters are tired of the way the 'Left' have run the country. This is happening world wide. The Left never consider themselves 'Far', but to many they are."

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Portugal’s foreign nationals double in decade

"But it is not a ‘happy picture’ of seamless integration

The number of foreign nationals living in Portugal in 2022 was 800,000 – double the figure of 10 years ago – with one in three living at risk of poverty and half a million having been granted Portuguese nationality in the last 15 years, according to the statistical database of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation.

In a portrait of the 'foreign population and migratory flows in Portugal' on the occasion of International Migration Day today, the database, dubbed Pordata, has sought to assess the number and living conditions of immigrants and developments in the granting of nationality and residence permits."

Read more

News Week 11th December, 2023...

Costa's successor a 'young turk', familiar with cobblers

"Pedro Nuno Santos, has been elected as the general secretary of the PS, succeeding António Costa as the leader of the socialist party.

Born in São João da Madeira, district of Aveiro, Pedro Nuno Santos, 46 years old, is the grandson of a shoemaker and the son of a businessman. He has a degree in Economics from the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG) and began his political activity at JS at 14 years, in the youth organization that he led between 2004 and 2008.

As leader of JS, he was at the forefront of defending the decriminalization of voluntary termination of pregnancy and then the legalization of same-sex marriage."

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Doug's LOVE of Portugal

"It's sometimes a bit difficult to pin down precisely what we mean by 'love of Portugal' because I hear a lot of moaning too.

I've mentioned those who might be fleeing what they deem to be unpalatable politics on their home turf in a previous Portugal News article. However, plenty of expats won't claim they understand Lisbon politics either. I certainly don't know if Portugal’s domestic politics are actually any more palatable than what goes on in the UK. Does anyone, including the politicians themselves really grasp what’s actually going on behind the rhetoric?"

Read on...

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Portugal's big year ahead...

This will be the year that not only sees the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, it will be a national election year following recent seismic political goings-on, and one where the nation’s dearly-beloved football team will enter the EURO 24 tournament on top form and with high hopes. 

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Currency and foreign exchange insight for 2024

Hear what Sarah Davie has to say about the world of currency and foreign exchange in 2024.

Get your own free currency exchange account here.

Listen to this on Spotify

PS? PSD? PCP? or PVP?!

Breaking news: a new force in Portuguese politics has emerged - The PVP.

Maybe it's time people stopped whining for change, and started wine-ing instead for the country's future! 

More about TOY

Looking for property in northern Portugal?

Vitor and Maria Costa: *** NEW WEEK, NEW MARKET UPDATE!***

"It seems like the Christmas season is upon us and we are blessed with an increase of both houses and apartments for sale in the Viana do Castelo District. 

On the other hand, fewer new rentals are available compared to the week before.

Personally, what stood out to me were the new listings in the 100k-50k range which looked very lovely but do require some enhancements.  

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If you are, subscribe to our mailing list to receive extra information on the real estate market every Monday." 

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Is it a good time to buy a property in Portugal in 2024?

investropa.com: "Are you considering buying real estate in the land of Port Wine? Are you wondering if the prices are adequately positioned?

People have different thoughts about market timing. Your Portuguese friend might tell you that now is the ideal time to buy property, whereas your colleagues in Lisbon may think that prices will soon decline.

At Investropa, when we create articles or update our pack of documents related to the real estate market in Portugal, we base our work on verifiable facts and concrete data rather than subjective opinions.


What is Portugal’s economic forecast for 2024?

portugalbusinessesnews.com: "Portuguese economy news – Portugal’s economic forecast for 2024 is extremely positive since the country’s rating has just been upgraded to an A by three major ratings agencies, namely Moody's, Fitch and DBRS.

Portugal’s economy is growing at unprecedented levels and has just jumped 2 levels according to Moody’s new rating assessment. Portugal is now rated A3 with a stable outlook by Moody’s, that is its best record since 2011. Moody’s forecasts that the Portuguese economy will grow at an average rate of 2% over the next 5 years.

Portugal’s impeccable credit rating will make it possible for the country to have access to lower interest rates and to a larger number of international investors. This is supported by Moody’s assessment of the Portuguese economy that highlights the positive medium-term effects of 'a series of economic and budgetary reforms, the deleveraging of the private sector and the continued strengthening of the banking sector'."


Discover Portugal's D2 Visa

UrHomePortugal, Legal Legacy International Law firm and accountant’s and tax consultants have joined forces to provide a one stop solution offering a comprehensive, professional service for people looking to gain Portuguese residency via the D2, D7 or Golden Visa solutions.

In this video Bobby O'Reilly of UrHome and Adriana Spanholi of Legal Legacy address:

Find out more at - https://d2visaportugal.com

News Week 4th December, 2023...

The Açores (Azores) according to Tia Filomena

Beautiful images and video here from our dear friend and mentor Filomena Pascoal, who met the Portuguese legend Genuino Madgruga whilst there too.

See also her interview with Senhor Genuino

Contact Filomena about here tuition, translation and tour services - trips4brits@gmail.com

More about Genuino Madruga

Is Bordallo ii 'coining it in'?

According gt othe Portugal News: "Casa da Moeda has launched the third coin of the Contemporary Urban Art series, this time designed by the artist Bordalo II

The coin in question has a face value of 10 euros and an issuance limit of 4,000 coins has been set. "

Read more

More about Bordallo ii

Tree-clearing to reduce fire risks may be completely unnecessary

"Research project finds 'no scientific evidence' in favour 

A research project in Coimbra has concluded that there is no significant difference in fire behaviour between managed and unmanaged areas next to infrastructure.

In other words, the agony landowners have been put through in recent years in which they were forced to cut back much-loved trees may have been completely unnecessary."


GMP! Fire Safety guides and information

Excellent news for Christmas Dinner fans who love 'all the trimmings'

Remember that 'Sprout Exclusive' on the morning show?! 

Contact Jason Hall at Quinta Essencial here

Lisbon: The European Technological Hub

"Lisbon has been awarded the prestigious title of Capital of Innovation in Europe by the European Commission. This award recognizes cities that promote innovation and development in their local communities. The prize comes with a monetary award of 1 million euros and the official name of the prize is iCapital."

More on this from GMP!VIP top contributor Antoinio Barbosa here

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Fixer-uppers to go!

When Filomena met Genuino Madruga

From the Azores, born in 1950, Genuino is a "fisherman, businessman and navigator, best known for being the first Portuguese who, sailing alone around the world , crossed Cape Horn on 24 January 2008, sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific".

Senhor Madruga

The restaurant and museum

Contact Filomena - trips4brits@gmail.com 

News Week 27th November, 2023...

New 'Learn Lingo' podcast with the other 'Dave in Portugal'

Looks like there's a new learn Portuguese podcast on the scene, this time from an Algarve-based Brit - Dave in Portugal (not that one!) - who is keen to share everday tips and hacks based on his life here with wife Sandra and Portuguese friends.

Portugal 7th safest country in the world

"The 17th edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks Portugal as the 7th safest country in the world, in a ranking led for the 16th time by Iceland," reports The Portugal News.

"Portugal moves up one position compared to the 2022 index and appears with a score of 1,333, behind..." more

Portugal's D2 Visa could take centre-stage for investors

Typically innovative, GMP! regular and sponsor Bobby O'Reilly (of UrHome & Dynasty Homes) has brought Portugal's lesser-known D2 Visa back to centre stage, as others continue to mourn the Golden Visa and scrabble for NHR eligibility.

Favouring the investor perhaps more than the retiree, the D2 approach - where Bobby's team are doing all the 'heavy lifting' - offers many, if not all of the benefits, that some would-be migrants are mistakenly thinking are disappearing here, in the world's 7th safest country.

Find out more for yourself here

NHR (post Portugal Budget 2024 approval) as interpreted by Antonio Barbosa of Infinite Solutions

Comment, discuss and contact the author: Original post

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More Portugal News & Information every day, right here

A Lisbon-based 'Learn about Portugal Quiz' question

With grateful thanks to Antonio Barbosa for the suggestion on this one 😄

Make your guess here 

What do they say about YOUR city?!

GuMPer Owen releases poetry collection

GMP!'s very own Owen Lloyd Martin has released a collection of his poems, some recently penned in Portugal and other inclusions from his teenage years, now available on Amazon - 

See Owen's book among the work of many other gifted GuMPers here in our online 'Community Bookstore'.

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Socialists “beat austerity, balanced budget, gave country more freedom” – PM (Portugal Resident article)

"PM gives speech following approval of State Budget; no questions allowed"

Read here

Discuss here

Portugal Runs on 100% Renewables Dropping Consumer Electric Bills to Nearly Zero for 6 Days in a Row

"Sunny, windy, wavy, and small, Portugal is uniquely suited to renewable energy; which it just proved by powering the nation of 10 million entirely with the forces of nature for 6 straight days.

It all started on Friday the 27th of October when the largest energy company in the nation, Redes Energéticas Nacionais, reported that conditions of wind and waves were generating the entirety of the nation’s energy supply.

They predicted the conditions would carry on through Saturday, but they actually kept on going for the next 5 days, including some periods when the nation’s grid was exporting renewable electricity to the grids in Spain."

Read more

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Bob & Viv's Black Friday deals

From the show this morning, new services and special offers from the 'Portugal Pathfinders'.

More about Bob and Viv's Black Friday deals

News Week 20th November, 2023...

Exploring the Crystal Ball… A Glimpse into Portugal's 2024 Real Estate Market

"Portugal, often described as a hidden gem of Europe, has been basking in the spotlight of the global real estate market for several years. Its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage have lured investors, retirees, and those seeking a slice of Mediterranean paradise. But what can we expect from the Portuguese real estate market as we peer into the future, specifically 2024???"

Let's embark on a journey through this captivating market...





Portugal described as “form of economic miracle”

"Country ‘basks’ in two positive endorsements in same day

With the country’s political parties already in ‘campaign mode’ ahead of the dissolution of parliament, the outgoing government received two undeniable pats on the back yesterday as former Nobel economist Paul Krugman described Portugal as a “form of economic miracle”, and the European Commission agreed that everything points to public debt “continuing to reduce” in 2024."

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Socialists backtrack on NHR (for now) and IUC road tax hike

"Portugal’s Socialist government has backtracked on two of its most controversial measures included in the 2024 State Budget proposal, having axed the increase of the IUC vehicle circulation tax on pre-2007 vehicles and postponed the end of the NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) tax regime, which will be extended into 2024 with a “transitory regime” for those who were already planning their move to Portugal in 2023."

Read more

The Trials & Tribulations of Running a Business in Portugal 

From this morning's breakfast show, Jason Hall's sometimes heart-breaking, yet utterly inspring experience with his dream project - Quinta Essencial.

More about Quinta Essencial

Get help with your business

Carl's guide to the Portuguese political system (Portugal Resident, weekly column)

Between you and me, one of the reasons (or excuses?) I have for not immersing and hot-housing myself in the Portuguese language is that I quite enjoy – most of the time – not understanding what is going on around me. Having grasped the survivalist basics of cafe and bar lingo, and enough to get by in the most basic of conversations often with cross-cultural body language, I’d estimate my linguistic age to be that of around a five-year-old, in Portuguese years.

Read more

Discover: Coimbra

Following the success of our first THREE 'Discovery Weekends', join us from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th December, 2023 for some fun and filming in Coimbra.

Find out more about the weekend that will feature a Filomena Tour!

Sara Tavares, Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean origin, passes age 45 

On Radio Observador, Pedro Abronhosa recalled the “smile and kindness.” 

The Portuguese musician said: “Sara leaves a legacy of humility, perseverance and dedication to the cause of women and the cause of African women, honoring African music in Portugal and Portuguese music of African origins.” 

“Her legacy is this, a talented young woman who emerges from TV competitions, succeeds and then continues to further her career. A promising voice for the future in contemporary African and Portuguese music."

Read more

Why don't we have (good) cider in Portugal?

A lovely moment with Jason Hall of Quinta Essencial from this morning's show 😆




Sensational NHR "plot twist video"

Recorded and uploaded last Friday, this video looked at the NHR Breaking News following a (further) shock government proposal, and is fast approaching 3,000 views such is interest in the scheme.

It seems the new Portuguese government proposal that may extend the window of opportunity for NHR applications into 2024.

To assess eligibility, contact: Carolina at Ei! - geral@eimigrante.pt (quote 'Expats Portugal') or Duarte Cruz at Conceito - duarte.cruz@conceito.pt (quote 'Expats Portugal')

Expats Everywhere: 12 Best Cities to Live in Portugal

Discuss and vote in our 'best place' poll

Mrs M joins Kalie on Expats Everywhere again soon. See her first legendary interview "What he (Carl) didn't tell you" here (69k views!)

Some of our favourite places and spaces in Portugal

Extraordinary Expat: Lynda Keith

Hear how singer, teacher, education guru & Portugal-lover Lynda fell in love with the country in a recent audience with the Portugal Club.



Expats Portugal as mentioned by Lynda, who helped with her migration processes

Learn and Improve your Portuguese with 'MakesYouFluent'?

"Join our community of 30,000+ satisfied users and boost your confidence today!" say MakesYouFluent!

The ad continues: "Effectively convey your thoughts from the start. Master Portuguese pronunciation with MakesYouFluent!

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Maximise the security & value of your money transfers (webinar)

This week's Expats Portugal webinar: "With so many banking apps and platforms available, transferring your money can be done at the click of a button. Even for those most prepared, it's often one of the last things on the list because it's instant, right? Well, getting the best rate and ensuring the money will arrive at its destination on time isn't always as easy as you may think, and missing out on securing a property or repercussions for late payment can be heavier than any financial loss."

"Another aspect to be aware of is how quickly small costs accumulate. You may be making several smaller payments for things like opening a bank account and getting your NIF (Portuguese tax number) to larger payouts for a deposit and first month's rent or buying a car. Whatever the purpose, spending thousands, if not tens of thousands, is very easily done, and therefore the transfer fees and unfavourable exchange rates can really add up too."

Sign up for this webinar and find out more with Spartan FX

What is the productivity rate in Portugal?

"Ireland, Luxembourg and Denmark are the EU countries that create the most wealth per hour of work, but where does Portugal rank?"




(Thanks to GuMPer Scott for suggesting this article)

Portugal celebrates perfect Euro 2024 qualification campaign

Portugal won 10 in 10 Euro 2024 qualifying matches

Portugal’s national men’s football team is celebrating a historic achievement, having qualified for the upcoming Euro 2024 with 10 wins in 10 qualifying matches.




(Thanks to GuMPer Andy Cline for asking about Portugal & Euro 2024)