The FAST, FUN & FRIENDLY way into Portuguese language and culture...

These are some of the objections we will deal with in a fun, fast & friendly way:

"I thought I'd be fluent by now (I should be), but I had a bad experience with a teacher" - J

"I haven't got time to run a business AND learn a second language" - S

Beta testers wanted: "28-day Portuguese" basic building block led by Carl Munson over 28 days

This is how it works... 

1. Receive a fun, simple & practical assignment every weekday morning (via WhatsApp, 5 minutes to read and mull)

2. Go out and have fun with it during the day (in the immersive classroom of your daily life in Portugal)

3. Report back in the evening of the same day (10 minutes to reflect and message the WhatsApp group)

4. Rinse & repeat for 4 weeks

(No assignments at the weekend, BUT you can practice the week's learning)

5. Graduate on day 28, online with a glass of Portuguese wine

6. Sign up for next module or repeat first module again

Further modules will be include daily support and coaching  from a Portuguese teacher/native

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(Portuguese natives welcome as observers)