Days in The Bay

Come spend some quality time in delightful Sao Martin do Porto in the company of a passionate expert and fellow foreigners - for a fun day of learning, socialising, wining and dining. 

Choose from a range of subjects as featured below. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing accommodation and restaurants. 

Most seminars, workshops and gatherings will take place on a Saturday. So check in on Friday night for a long weekend or just come for the day.

Contact to find out more or offer your services as an expert, and if you prefer to bring your own group of 4 or more people on a weekday.

Authentic, Honest & Loving Relationships

Bob and Viv

Full Day

These love birds, US migrants based and famous in the North of Portugal, rediscovered deep and authentic love later in life. They are wonderful people to be around and their love for each other and a kinder worlds is obvious, when in their company.

Spend time with them to see how love, laughter and a good sex life can come from personal development, honest communication and paying attention to love in everyday life. 


Fun and Filthy Poetry

John Brand

Half-day / Full Day

John looks forward to sharing his appreciation of poetry with people who may not know that they like poetry yet, and inspiring people to try their hand at writing a poem. 

Author of Things I Might Have Said, Professor Emeritus of English at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Mass., John is originally from Sheffield, England, where he began writing poetry in the 1980s.

Ayurveda: Creating Balance

Nancy Medwell

Full Day

In this introductory setting, learn invaluable life and health-enhancing skills with US practitioner Nancy who now teaches on The Silver Coast and supports people via Zoom.

Discover what the 'six tastes' are and why they are important as well as tips and techniques to improve digestion and create delicious, healthy meals.

Children are The Future!

Maria João Silva

Full Day

Author of the books Rich Parent, Poor Parent - Discovering Your Purpose, The Rich Parent, about positive parenting. and forthcoming The Code of the Emotional Child, Maria João was a teacher for 20 years and is a  self-taught researcher in the area of emotional development in childhood. 

Mother, writer and illustrator, in addition to books on parenting, she also writes novels and children's books. and is a strong activist on the rights of the child and the end of violence against children. 

"The world will only change when we radically change the way we look, realize and treat the children," she says. 

Make Sense of YOUR Journey with Astrology

Louisa 'Mrs M' Munson

Half-day / Full Day

"I help people around the world 'feel at home', live fulfilling lives and understand their strengths with a mixture of powerful coaching, deep listening and astrology. Join me for a fun, insightful and practical seminar."

Beach Plastic Art Workshop

Kari Prestgaard

2 hours

Norwegian-American artist working with beach plastic as her art material. In 2020, she won a UN prize for her work! Since 2012, she has created art with children through educational art workshops, working with 25.000 kids all over Norway. In winter, she travels to Portugal and combs the beaches for art materials.

A fun and inspiring workshop, where you will leave never looking at plastic trash in the same way again!

The Basic Elements of Our Personalities & 'Walk YOUR Story'

Jim White

Full Day

Globally renowned workshop and transformation facilitator Jim, uses the metaphors of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as a lens to look at behavior His approach is based on personality/temperament theory, is easy to grasp and eye-opening too.

These highly interactive sessions  have people walk from prompt to prompt creating a view of their stories and then discussing what is emerging in the moment. 

The Elements too, are a fun way to discover or rediscover things about ourselves (and others) that we appreciate. It is universal and then cross culturally relevant. 

Digital Urban Sketching



'Digital Urban Sketching' using iPad type tablets with Mandy who has been sketching with the iPad since it came out in 2010. 

Since arriving in Porto she's been on quite a roll with her urban focus.