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Thanks to Good Morning Portugal community legends like T-Duck, John Heimbach, Andy Cline, Benjamin Stubbs and everyone who shares the love and asks for help, we are creating a treasury of useful information about Portugal, come join us...

Portugal Club members speak about their experience...

"We’ve been watching Carl’s Good Morning Portugal show and hosting of Expats Portugal webinars for over a year, and we love Carl’s passion for helping people transition and feel at home in Portugal. 

We recently learned about The Portugal Club and we’re so excited that Carl is now dedicating even more of his time to educate people interested in moving to Portugal. We have already leveraged some of Carl’s services to help us further explore locations based on our interests and needs. Carl takes the time to listen and understand, then provide personalised, thoughtful recommendations so that we’re able to accomplish our goals. Carl also helps you think beyond your initial transition, and how vital it is to form a supportive expat community so we can continue to flourish in our new home country." - Kristina & John Brand

Carl is host of Expats Portugal's weekly webinars and the Dream Team session is the premier one-stop solution to help make your transition to an exciting new life in Portugal easy and convenient.
"Through our lively online forum, weekly educational webinars hosted by Carl Munson, special events, presentations, and one-on-one consultations, we address all manner of moving to and living in Portugal. You will be guided and supported along every step of the way by our team of highly knowledgeable experts vetted by a thriving community of over 12,000 members, many of whom have already made this journey and are eager to share their experience. Come join our webinars. We promise they will be informative and educational. You might even have a little fun and make some new friends along the way..."

"Carl Unplugged - You may know him as our lovely, humorous and insightful webinar host but there is so much more to Carl. Find out on Carl’s daily livestream Good Morning Portugal where Carl displays his cheekier side on life here in Portugal. On GMP, Carl gets to court a bit of controversy, has some unpredictable interactions, and even some irreverent banter with his audience. Always fun and entertaining anything is possible on Good Morning Portugal livestream."