The Portugal Club is an integration support service created and run by founder member Carl Munson, revolving around a weekly online gathering of people keen to love life in Portugal, who want make a positive impact

- Continued support and networking upon arrival and settling in  Portugal
- A weekly online meeting to celebrate milestones, trouble-shoot challenges and support each other
- Online and digital platform support between meetings for networking and inspiration
- Resources and support to assist in the creation of a business or project in Portugal
- Special guests, contacts and opportunities to inspire and motivate development and action
- Ready-made showcase and publicity channels for you, your business and/or project
- An exclusive weekly news briefing tailored to member requirements

Portugal Club members speak about their experience...

"We’ve been watching Carl’s Good Morning Portugal show and hosting of Expats Portugal webinars for over a year, and we love Carl’s passion for helping people transition and feel at home in Portugal. 

We recently learned about The Portugal Club and we’re so excited that Carl is now dedicating even more of his time to educate people interested in moving to Portugal. We have already leveraged some of Carl’s services to help us further explore locations based on our interests and needs. Carl takes the time to listen and understand, then provide personalised, thoughtful recommendations so that we’re able to accomplish our goals. Carl also helps you think beyond your initial transition, and how vital it is to form a supportive expat community so we can continue to flourish in our new home country." - Kristina & John Brand

Portugal Club Special Webinar

1st Tuesdays, 20.30 PT

Extraordinary Expat Guest Q&A

2nd Tuesdays, 20.30 PT

Expat Angels Steering Group

3rd Tuesdays, 20.30 PT

Portugal Immigrant Network

4th Tuesdays, 20.30 PT

These Portugal Club Tuesday meetings are open to Portugal Club members and their guests by special invitation