Louisa 'Mrs M' Munson:

Let's face it, moving is rarely easy even when you're just moving down the road, but when you're changing country, there's a lot to contend with. Of course, there's the practical stuff in terms of visas, insurance and foreign exchange etc  and we recommend Expats Portugal for this. 

With the Portugal Club, we specialise in the more community-based, personal and touchy feely side of moving to and setting up home in Portugal. 

As coaches, facilitators and migrants ourselves, we've gone through the emotional and psychological cycles that we all go through when we experience change. 

Even good, happy change usually involves some level of grief as we say goodbye to one life and Ola! to another.

Our aim is to give you that safe space to explore your feelings and decisions just the little bit deeper.  We'll let you know what you don't yet know but need to know to save you time, money and unnecessary heartache.

Carl Munson:

GMP! is more than a Portugal-loving, community-created daily show...

I am delighted to have been part of developing the nuts and bolts migration one-stop shop that is on offer at Expats Portugal

Now, in the post-pandemic phase of migration to Portugal with an increasing volume of American migrants moving here my passion is to support new-comers in making a difference, an impact and a conribution to their new home and community.

The Portugal Club is a safe and dynamic sapce for inspiration, transformation and those in-the-moment nuggets of life-changing information when people gather with the same intention and sense of care and support for each other and their new society.

Live access and participation in the Portugal Club happens on a weekday evening between 10pm and 11pm Portugal time, to suit mambers in the United States, and is a great networking and mutual support space for anyone truly committed to the big move.

How the Portugal Club works

The Portugal Club is a migration and integration support service created and run by founder members Carl & Louisa Munson, and revolves around a weekly online gathering of fellow travellers, promising helpful and inspiring conversation and guests. One-to-one coaching sessions are also available.

Portugal is a wonderful country with a beautiful culture and people. We remain delighted to call it home and call upon others, so moved, to join us here and co-create something extraordinary. This country has proven to be a fertile backdrop for our dreams. Should it prove to be the same for you, let's build lives together that are much more than an inexpensive retirement or escape from somewhere or something else. 

Find out more about and sign up for the Portugal Club here or drop us a line - carl@goodmorningportgal.com - to discuss the best option for you.

Our invitation to YOU

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