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News Week 4th December, 2023...

When Filomena met Genuino Madruga

From the Azores, born in 1950, Genuino is a "fisherman, businessman and navigator, best known for being the first Portuguese who, sailing alone around the world , crossed Cape Horn on 24 January 2008, sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific".

Senhor Madruga

The restaurant and museum

Contact Filomena - trips4brits@gmail.com 

News Week 27th November, 2023...

New 'Learn Lingo' podcast with the other 'Dave in Portugal'

Looks like there's a new learn Portuguese podcast on the scene, this time from an Algarve-based Brit - Dave in Portugal (not that one!) - who is keen to share everday tips and hacks based on his life here with wife Sandra and Portuguese friends.

Portugal 7th safest country in the world

"The 17th edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks Portugal as the 7th safest country in the world, in a ranking led for the 16th time by Iceland," reports The Portugal News.

"Portugal moves up one position compared to the 2022 index and appears with a score of 1,333, behind..." more

Portugal's D2 Visa could take centre-stage for investors

Typically innovative, GMP! regular and sponsor Bobby O'Reilly (of UrHome & Dynasty Homes) has brought Portugal's lesser-known D2 Visa back to centre stage, as others continue to mourn the Golden Visa and scrabble for NHR eligibility.

Favouring the investor perhaps more than the retiree, the D2 approach - where Bobby's team are doing all the 'heavy lifting' - offers many, if not all of the benefits, that some would-be migrants are mistakenly thinking are disappearing here, in the world's 7th safest country.

Find out more for yourself here

NHR (post Portugal Budget 2024 approval) as interpreted by Antonio Barbosa of Infinite Solutions

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A Lisbon-based 'Learn about Portugal Quiz' question

With grateful thanks to Antonio Barbosa for the suggestion on this one 😄

Make your guess here 

What do they say about YOUR city?!

GuMPer Owen releases poetry collection

GMP!'s very own Owen Lloyd Martin has released a collection of his poems, some recently penned in Portugal and other inclusions from his teenage years, now available on Amazon - 

See Owen's book among the work of many other gifted GuMPers here in our online 'Community Bookstore'.

Discuss poetry and creativity more generally on our private platform here

Socialists “beat austerity, balanced budget, gave country more freedom” – PM (Portugal Resident article)

"PM gives speech following approval of State Budget; no questions allowed"

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Portugal Runs on 100% Renewables Dropping Consumer Electric Bills to Nearly Zero for 6 Days in a Row

"Sunny, windy, wavy, and small, Portugal is uniquely suited to renewable energy; which it just proved by powering the nation of 10 million entirely with the forces of nature for 6 straight days.

It all started on Friday the 27th of October when the largest energy company in the nation, Redes Energéticas Nacionais, reported that conditions of wind and waves were generating the entirety of the nation’s energy supply.

They predicted the conditions would carry on through Saturday, but they actually kept on going for the next 5 days, including some periods when the nation’s grid was exporting renewable electricity to the grids in Spain."

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Bob & Viv's Black Friday deals

From the show this morning, new services and special offers from the 'Portugal Pathfinders'.

More about Bob and Viv's Black Friday deals

News Week 20th November, 2023...

Exploring the Crystal Ball… A Glimpse into Portugal's 2024 Real Estate Market

"Portugal, often described as a hidden gem of Europe, has been basking in the spotlight of the global real estate market for several years. Its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage have lured investors, retirees, and those seeking a slice of Mediterranean paradise. But what can we expect from the Portuguese real estate market as we peer into the future, specifically 2024???"

Let's embark on a journey through this captivating market...





Portugal described as “form of economic miracle”

"Country ‘basks’ in two positive endorsements in same day

With the country’s political parties already in ‘campaign mode’ ahead of the dissolution of parliament, the outgoing government received two undeniable pats on the back yesterday as former Nobel economist Paul Krugman described Portugal as a “form of economic miracle”, and the European Commission agreed that everything points to public debt “continuing to reduce” in 2024."

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Socialists backtrack on NHR (for now) and IUC road tax hike

"Portugal’s Socialist government has backtracked on two of its most controversial measures included in the 2024 State Budget proposal, having axed the increase of the IUC vehicle circulation tax on pre-2007 vehicles and postponed the end of the NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) tax regime, which will be extended into 2024 with a “transitory regime” for those who were already planning their move to Portugal in 2023."

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The Trials & Tribulations of Running a Business in Portugal 

From this morning's breakfast show, Jason Hall's sometimes heart-breaking, yet utterly inspring experience with his dream project - Quinta Essencial.

More about Quinta Essencial

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Carl's guide to the Portuguese political system (Portugal Resident, weekly column)

Between you and me, one of the reasons (or excuses?) I have for not immersing and hot-housing myself in the Portuguese language is that I quite enjoy – most of the time – not understanding what is going on around me. Having grasped the survivalist basics of cafe and bar lingo, and enough to get by in the most basic of conversations often with cross-cultural body language, I’d estimate my linguistic age to be that of around a five-year-old, in Portuguese years.

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Discover: Coimbra

Following the success of our first THREE 'Discovery Weekends', join us from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th December, 2023 for some fun and filming in Coimbra.

Find out more about the weekend that will feature a Filomena Tour!

Sara Tavares, Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean origin, passes age 45 

On Radio Observador, Pedro Abronhosa recalled the “smile and kindness.” 

The Portuguese musician said: “Sara leaves a legacy of humility, perseverance and dedication to the cause of women and the cause of African women, honoring African music in Portugal and Portuguese music of African origins.” 

“Her legacy is this, a talented young woman who emerges from TV competitions, succeeds and then continues to further her career. A promising voice for the future in contemporary African and Portuguese music."

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Why don't we have (good) cider in Portugal?

A lovely moment with Jason Hall of Quinta Essencial from this morning's show 😆




Sensational NHR "plot twist video"

Recorded and uploaded last Friday, this video looked at the NHR Breaking News following a (further) shock government proposal, and is fast approaching 3,000 views such is interest in the scheme.

It seems the new Portuguese government proposal that may extend the window of opportunity for NHR applications into 2024.

To assess eligibility, contact: Carolina at Ei! - geral@eimigrante.pt (quote 'Expats Portugal') or Duarte Cruz at Conceito - duarte.cruz@conceito.pt (quote 'Expats Portugal')

Expats Everywhere: 12 Best Cities to Live in Portugal

Discuss and vote in our 'best place' poll

Mrs M joins Kalie on Expats Everywhere again soon. See her first legendary interview "What he (Carl) didn't tell you" here (69k views!)

Some of our favourite places and spaces in Portugal

Extraordinary Expat: Lynda Keith

Hear how singer, teacher, education guru & Portugal-lover Lynda fell in love with the country in a recent audience with the Portugal Club.



Expats Portugal as mentioned by Lynda, who helped with her migration processes

Learn and Improve your Portuguese with 'MakesYouFluent'?

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The ad continues: "Effectively convey your thoughts from the start. Master Portuguese pronunciation with MakesYouFluent!

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Maximise the security & value of your money transfers (webinar)

This week's Expats Portugal webinar: "With so many banking apps and platforms available, transferring your money can be done at the click of a button. Even for those most prepared, it's often one of the last things on the list because it's instant, right? Well, getting the best rate and ensuring the money will arrive at its destination on time isn't always as easy as you may think, and missing out on securing a property or repercussions for late payment can be heavier than any financial loss."

"Another aspect to be aware of is how quickly small costs accumulate. You may be making several smaller payments for things like opening a bank account and getting your NIF (Portuguese tax number) to larger payouts for a deposit and first month's rent or buying a car. Whatever the purpose, spending thousands, if not tens of thousands, is very easily done, and therefore the transfer fees and unfavourable exchange rates can really add up too."

Sign up for this webinar and find out more with Spartan FX

What is the productivity rate in Portugal?

"Ireland, Luxembourg and Denmark are the EU countries that create the most wealth per hour of work, but where does Portugal rank?"




(Thanks to GuMPer Scott for suggesting this article)

Portugal celebrates perfect Euro 2024 qualification campaign

Portugal won 10 in 10 Euro 2024 qualifying matches

Portugal’s national men’s football team is celebrating a historic achievement, having qualified for the upcoming Euro 2024 with 10 wins in 10 qualifying matches.




(Thanks to GuMPer Andy Cline for asking about Portugal & Euro 2024)