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The Good Morning Portugal! show is the beating heart of a positive and eclectic community that we think has its heart in the right place. There is something about the GuMPers and their outlook, values and joie de vivre!

Our aim is to inspire, inform and entertain people (GuMPers, lurkers and even normal people) with an interest in the particular gift that Portugal has to offer. We are told we have been the catalyst that has brought many new people to Portugal in the last couple of years and have connected people who already live here in a meaningful way often in a way that defies rational description.

This we will continue to do because I (Carl) love what goes on every weekday morning and am so honoured to be able to do this work - gladly leaving my bed each morning, and often working late into the night (like now), to provide a focal point with the show whilst constantly researching and innovating new ways to engage, inspire and support 'Portugal-loving people'.

We are a family of five with young children who do not live an extravagant life by many standards, and we have a dream and vision that extends far beyond these two generations, which we trust will contribute to a healthier, saner and more fulfilling society in years and generations to come. This is WHY we moved to Portugal in the first place as we recognised it to be a kind, fertile and wholesome backdrop for our hopes for the future.

Our short-term dream that the Good Morning Portugal! 'movement' creates a sustainable income such that our family can enjoy a simple and joyful lifestyle. Once stable and sustainable in the short and medium term, our hope is that even greater investments of 'time, talent and treasure' can lead to the fruition of our longer term dream that will benefit our family, society, country, continent and the planet.

Project2100, as we call it, is the creation of an abundant and sustainable homestead that nourishes family life on every level - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It will recall and implement the great traditions of rural Portuguese life that we could argue are in danger of dying in the rush to urbanize, globalize and corporatize human life. We want this for our own children and their children, and to be a beacon, model and inspiration to anyone else to whom this make senses or longs for it.

This family homestead, uses the word 'family' in its broadest sense. Right now, we are happy to be a virtual 'mom n pop' corner shop and virtual community/drop-incentre. The next big step is to have a real 'home' for the Good Morning Portugal! community - for the new arrivals, those in need of respite and support, as well as the GuMPers who need care in the closing chapter of their lives in Portugal.

(Listen to the podcast above to better understand this idea and the context for it)

This is a BIG (impactful) and LONG-TERM (multi-generational) vision and we invite you to take part in it, to a level that delights and benefits you.

Covering worldly costs - money/treasure - is of course vital and contributes to a robust sustainability. So we invite you to support us by joining one of our many membership levels and sponsorships to suit your needs and desires. Cash is definitely needed to literally keep the show on the road!

'Time and talent' are equally important and valued by us. As we collaborate, co-create and contribute to each other's lives and the futures we dream of, the gifts of time, compassion and expertise really can make all the difference. Just look at the team to see how much we co-create from the contribution of time, expertise and goodwill.

You know where we are every morning if you want to talk about this vision publicly and you can email us at or WhatsApp (00 351) 913 590 303

This is a vision that we trust will be a contribution to all, and will take us beyond the current limitations that cause so many to feel unfulfilled, unresolved or just plain unhappy.

Cover our Streamyard livestreaming costs - €25 MONTHLY COVERED!

Cover our Spreaker podcast platform costs - €50 MONTHLY

Cover our Spreaker podcast platform costs - €50 MONTHLY

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Good Morning Portugal! started out in 2020 as an English-language livestream radio show for expats and foreigners in Portugal. Our intention was to keep listeners up-to-date and aware of what was going on during the pandemic. During that time we also launched our gardening and wine shows.

Since then we have grown into a popular daily livestream that celebrates life in Portugal for actual and aspiring residents with a broad and light-hearted approach to Portuguese culture, current affairs - celebrating and nurturing life and humanity wherever possible.

We are a working family with three young children who came to Portugal with very little (most of which we still have!). It is our pleasure and calling to help people and to build community, which we will continue to do. We anticipate some challenges for humanity in the coming years and will do all we can to support GuMPers wherever they are, whilst developing and encouraging new ways of living, trading and communicating for a saner, kinder and more loving world.

In that spirit, we welcome all support, whether that be in wine, sponsorship, use of our consultancy services or 'value for value' propositions.

Please let us know how we can help you, especially in ways we have not thought of, yet.

Portugal is a wonderful country with a beautiful culture and people. We remain delighted to call it home and call upon others, so moved, to join us here and co-create something extraordinary. This country has proven to be a fertile backdrop for our dreams. Should it prove to be the same for you, let's build lives together that are much more than an inexpensive retirement or escape from somewhere or something else.

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